We have the equipment & in-house expertise to solve your biggest challenges

Renown can tackle any challenge utilizing in-house engineering. Our extensive inventory is perfect for practical & timely solutions.

Line hangers & drilling rig accessories

Our patented one-trip RIP and Liner Hanger Combo sets efficiency at a whole new level, reducing lead times and well costs. We have achieved third party thermal ratings and scrub test over 600°F (315°C) to back our liner systems. We carry the float and centralization equipment to complete any liner.

In addition we offer an extensive selection for cased hole drilling equipment, starting from a variety of jars, reamers and stabilizers, bridge plugs, ECP’s and stage tools.


We carry the highest quality completions equipment. Our standard equipment is 10k rated with proven success in the most intricate and extreme completions systems.

Workovers & abandonments

We have the specialty equipment, facility and dedicated team who work day and night for those unexpected challenges you may face with your wells. From one trip tandem abandonments, to gas migration cement squeezes, we will ensure your project is completed effectively.


Innovation, ingenuity and quality is what we specialize in. The expertise and experience we have in-house allows us to offer an extensive range of tools and the ability to customize to your specifications.

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